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PUERTO RICO Freelance Jobs

Education Website Revamp $7,500 - $9,999 (1316715)... Worldwide $7,500 10:30 AM DesignQuote
Resaurant Website $500 - $999 (1316305)... Worldwide $500 - 4:00 PM DesignQuote
Ecommerce Manual Website $1000 - $2499 (1315764)... Worldwide $1000 2:30 PM DesignQuote
Science and Engineering Site Dev $2500 - $499 (1314815)... Worldwide $2500 4:45 PM DesignQuote
Service and Product Dir Site Update $500 - $9 (1309159)... Worldwide $500 - 4:00 PM DesignQuote

PR ... 8:45 PM
Previous experience customer relationship management (CRM) software/ database utilization. HARD ROCK CAFE SAN JUAN*....
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
Need a highly trained Wordpress developer with emphasis of experience in configuring a theme completely for SSL. We need to get our theme completely configured
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
Hi, I have some photoshop files outlining a design that needs to be implemented on my wordpress theme. I dont have time to do it but it should a small job as
... $250- 10:45 PM GAF
I need a relatively straightforward website built that will work as a time based sales page. Basically what I need is two page templates created: - For w
... $ 1:30 AM GAF
Complaint Management System (Budget: ?100 INR, Jobs: .NET, Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design)
... $ 9:00 PM GAF
The portal is a one stop solution to all your healthcare needs. Here you can chat with a specialist doctor, or call or video chat with doctors of your choice wo
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
Hi there, Ive got php and css files needed for you to edit and complete no javascript allowed s (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD, Jobs: CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP)
... $30- 3:15 AM GAF
I need android developer for my eCommerce websites please check images for the android app sample (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Android, Mobile Phone)
... $250- 10:45 PM GAF
Add customization function to my website to allow customers to customize their clothing. There will be about 3 designs of a swimsuit. Each swimsuit will 2 se
... $12- 10:45 PM GAF
I need you to write an academic article. Business Information System (Budget: $12 - $30 SGD, Jobs: Academic Writing)
... $12- 10:45 PM GAF
I need you to write an academic article. (Budget: $12 - $30 SGD, Jobs: Academic Writing)
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
I have a new website that requires completion of the final stages. Need reliable person(s) to finish a project. It is an online ecommerce website to sell cours
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
Get contact information of ALL Licensed Building Practitioners in Auckland NZ (2008-2016)- Newest licensed first!! Click on " Date Licenced" t
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
Hi all, i am looking for a designer to help me with my existing Wordpress template build. I need to add some more pages to it and do some general editing of the
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
This project will initially be three slides but may grow depending on how the presentation is going along. Would be great if the quote was per slide. (Budget:
... $10- 1:30 AM GAF
When the user begins to register, he chooses how to register: 1. Registration via e-mail (One field for e-mail.) - The user specifies only the e-mail and
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
Company name Vector Travel. China, Vietnam... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $ 3:15 AM GAF
We have to create texts for a Christmas Gifts catalogue. Its just the presentation or introduction texts for each catalogue collection. We need a native englis
... $10- 9:00 PM GAF
I need a resume that is creative, bright, visual, and easy to read. (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Photoshop)
... $750- 10:45 PM GAF
We are looking to build and design a dance competition registration and scoring system. Users would register on a website, and enter sections before the event.
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
I would like to create a logo for Real Estate Chic. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $10- 1:30 AM GAF
Rhapsodate Consulting is a boutique consultancy company. We offer Project and Governance services to organisations of all sizes. The tag line is "Conn
... $ 3:15 AM GAF
Rebranding, including designing a logo, labels for retail products, brochures, and banners. (Budget: ?12500 - ?37500 INR, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $1500- 1:30 AM GAF
Hi guys. i m facing a new problem with in my website when users click on google ads one ad is disappeared please check why this happening. Find the bug in my we
... $10- 10:45 PM GAF
I need a website designed. I need four pages designed on Wix click and drop website editor, I dont need any kind of coded website . I need these pages; Home, r
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
I need a design of t shirt for young women 20-30 years old. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Photoshop, Photoshop Design, T-Shirts)
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
I have a project in which develop a program (Tetris Game) for the AVR microcontroller which implements specified behaviour. The knowledge requires for this proj
... $10- 1:30 AM GAF
Editing a video to go on FB ,youtube and our website (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Video Editing)
... $10- 10:45 PM GAF
I have a main site and I ended up building another site and I want to merge the two so it seems as if its the same site. either by embedding it into the site or
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
We need a skilled Freelancer to type up some price survey information - Brand, Product Name, Pack Type, Size, Price, Retailer from some pictures taken during a
... $250- 1:30 AM GAF
I have 235 scanned pages of an English text book in jpg format. Each page contains 300 - 400 words. I need someone to manually type these 235 pages in MS Word
... $750- 9:00 PM GAF
I want a graduate or entry level web developer, who is experienced using wordpress, to help get traffic through my website. We want our SEO to increase to the f
... $10- 9:00 PM GAF
I need someone to take a quick look at my website. We need to update some outdated themes but they must not be overwritten as they are custom. I need to get my
... $250- 3:15 AM GAF
Build a Gmail contextual gadget similar (but much simpler) to - Gmail Contextual Gadgets documentation -
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
I am starting a new company and need a product brochure designed as well as marketing flyers. I currently have my suppliers catalog in jpg format it is 125 page
... $750- 10:45 PM GAF
I need some to take photo and line draw them and illustrate some dimension (Budget: $750 - $1500 NZD, Jobs: Graphic Design)
... $750- 9:00 PM GAF
We are a company who provide advisory services to our clients. We are seeking a few people who have expertise in pages and Indesign to help us in the preparatio
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
I want to finish some project in designing logo, banner, name card, t-shirt and advertisement. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design)
... $40 3:15 AM GAF
I need four more Android launcher icons designed in the same style as you did a few days ago. The themes of the apps are: 1) Heart Beat 2) Configuration set
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
JPEG Compression Algorithm (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Academic Writing)
... $2250-R 10:45 PM GAF
Im looking for a developer do build a Jobs website, that will mostly list openings loaded from companies that use tools such as RecruiterBox, Lever e Workable a
... $10- 3:15 AM GAF
Hello, i try to explain: we need to write a simple procedure to login using PHP + CURL into a website protected by USERNAME + PASSWORD + CSFRToken. So t
... $2- 3:15 AM GAF
Transfer corrections given in a PDF file to the document made in InDesign CC. The corrections are given as comments in the PDF and need to be seen one by one an
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
I would like to get a mobile game designed , design only i will do all my coding myself Game 1: Burger Invasion will be a game about a aliens trying to
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
I need the follow game designed just like the example game in the link below Thanks Mouse Drop Witch will be a spin off of the game Zombie drop .( http
... $750- 10:45 PM GAF
I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need the freelancer to create an android messaging apps like soma messenger. I need the freelancer
... $2- 1:30 AM GAF
Hi there, How are you and your business? I hope all is well. I am a preacher and an entrepreneur. I have been doing business for several years without Web pres
... $10- 1:30 AM GAF
I need somebody who can teach me implement an API function which will submit data using an API. API is ready. This is a register page and code is implemented in
... $30- 3:15 AM GAF
Modelling of a structure (simulation) using NX 10 Siemens Software (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: 3D Modelling, Minitlab, Product Design)
... $250- 3:15 AM GAF
This is an Online Video Course site. Very similar to but much simpler. We will provide all PSD files. -Site needs to be CMS oriented. (3rd Party CM
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
I need 20 images photoshopped/edited to be editorial standard. I need the aesthetic to be similar to the attached. Thank you, Dana (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD
... $ 10:45 PM GAF
REQUIRED DRAFTS MAN FOR POST-TENSIOINING OR PRESTRESSING (Budget: ?600 - ?1500 INR, Jobs: AutoCAD, Civil Engineering, Drafting, Engineering Drawing)
... $100 9:00 PM GAF
Budget Tracker, this app will allow someone to walk into a store of any kind, enter a budget (say $100), then as they shop, bar code scan their item. As they go
... $250- 1:30 AM GAF
I want to proofread my small project topic. it contains about 30 pages. can you help me out in getting faster. i need to submit the file ASAP. If anyone is inte
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
I have a contract that requires review, editing/proofreading. This project will require someone that has sound knowledge of Australian Consumer Law to ensure it
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
Hi, I have a chrome plugin. But many people visit my website, and does not install. So I want a script to enter in my website, with the following functions
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
I need a telemarketer just to generate leads for me. No selling, just find who is interested from my list. Thank you. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Telemar
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
As you can see from the comments, I have a 5-star employer rating across a large number of different jobs. YOUR SKILLS/WORK REQUIRED I urgently require a
... $1500- 1:30 AM GAF
Vender ptoscos (Budget: $1500 - $3000 USD, Jobs: Sales)
... $30- 10:45 PM GAF
I would like you to create Professional videos for each of our /services pages that; - displays video of us performing each step of our work - has a little te
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
Internet research, bookkeeping, proposal writing, etc. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Bookkeeping, English (US), Internet Research, Proposal/Bid Writing)
... $750- 3:15 AM GAF
Good day I would like to have a website that deals with shirt printing. I want to be able to have a catologue of the shirts available. I would like the site
... $10- 10:45 PM GAF
Make static analysis on the turbine blade, apply pressure and rigid constrain. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: 3D Modelling, Engineering, Engineering Drawing, F
... $30- 1:30 AM GAF
This project involves an experimental study of the mechanics of particle clustering in stirred flows involving non-Newtonian fluids Xantham gum solution. It has
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
App for – Design and Functional Requirements Req1: 1 app for OS and 1 app for Android Req 2 – Description: is a websit
... $250- 1:30 AM GAF
Build an extension for Gmail (Budget: $250 - $750 AUD, Jobs: Javascript, PHP, Software Architecture)
... $2- 1:30 AM GAF
Hi, We are looking out for skilled and professional freelancers with the following technologies and skills. Please note that the requirement is for an ongoing
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
Work on a planning tool to help with scheduling projects on a large scale. (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: HTML5, Java, PHP, Software Architecture, XML)
... $250- 9:00 PM GAF
I need to create 2 Product information Guides - one for a patient and one for a physician for the same medical device. I will provide the copy content, artwork
... $2- 10:45 PM GAF
Implement research papers and develop algorithms under the direction of a computer vision scientist. Some need for mobile development, and some need for deskto
... $30- 9:00 PM GAF
need to prepare resume in ppt format (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Angular.js, Bootstrap, Javascript)

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